Finding Forgotten Art

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been cleaning out my “away” studio, preparing to leave it at the end of July, retreating into my home studio to focus fully on comics and illustration. The studio I’m leaving has been partly a storage solution, and partly so I can have a space to be messy. It doesn’t really work to have things like acrylics and paper mache (at least the way I do it!) and nice clean drawings and watercolours on paper sharing the same place!

I don’t have room in my house for all of the stuff, so I’ve been planning for a couple of studio sales, the first of which was this past weekend. I only advertised it among my artist friends and on Facebook, so it was pretty quiet (I wasn’t really ready for the thundering hordes to descend upon me anyway!). I did get rid of some things, but I also had lots of time to continue going through my shelves and cabinets. I found a lot of art that I had entirely forgotten about — some of it I don’t even remember making it, though it is undeniably mine! I’ll write a little more in depth about this adventure soon, but in the meantime here are a couple of collages of some merry fairy lassies I found in my cabinet that made me smile.

(Click on each picture to enlarge)

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