Colored Pencil Magazine Article!

Hey, art-process fans! Want to know how I made this comic?

CP article 15

Page One of “The Dragon’s Birthday” — watercolour pencil and coloured pencil (pencil crayon)

I just got word that the article I submitted to Colored Pencil Magazine is now in the June issue, and available in print or as a download. I eagerly downloaded the digital copy and it looks fantastic!

If that’s all you need to hear, and you want to go get your own right now (or order a print copy), here’s the link.

The article walks you through my whole process, from storyboards to layering the coloured pencils to to the final page above. At $2.99 for the digital version, it’s a steal — besides mine, there are some great articles from other coloured pencil artists (whose work I am humbled to be included with), including one from Ester Roi on her use of a heated drawing board of her own invention with coloured pencils that’s got me champing at the bit to try!


They even gave me this cool graphic to promote it! “The Art of Comics” — that’s me!

The comic itself is one that will probably be on the back burner for a while, since I have some other projects taking precedence, but which I do hope to complete as a children’s book sometime in the next year or two. It’s my first foray into coloured pencils for making comics, and I really like the result.

I hope you enjoy the article — if you do purchase the magazine, please get back to me here in the comments and let me know what you think!


This one! The June 2016 issue! (for those who may be reading this post in the future, you may have to scroll down their “issues” page to find it. They do have lots of back issues if you like this one)


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