A Mermaid a Day

…keeps the blues away!

Hi everybody, just a quick heads-up that over on my Mermaid Music webcomic’s blog, I’m posting a cute little sketch card of sea-folk every day this week — which you can download and make into your own stickers, crafts, whatever! I put up the first one yesterday. I’ve been making these as part of the Opus Daily Practice Challenge, along with lots of other fun stuff. Here’s the whole set, but this is low-res, so you’ll need to head over to Mermaid Music if you want to print them or see them larger.

seven sketch cards of sea-folk

A mermaid a day keeps the blues away!

5 responses to “A Mermaid a Day

    • Aw, thanks! I do have a Redbubble shop, but the originals for these guys were too small to enlarge for shirts — they really are sticker size! But I’ll consider that, and maybe enlarge them so I could do that! Good suggestion!

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