Everyday Art

Hi everybody! February has been a busy month of art-making for me. I wrote at the beginning of the month about the Opus Daily Practice Challenge; now it’s the end of the month and the last day of the challenge. Their prompt word for the last day was “Everyday”, so I decided to draw some everyday things, from a personal perspective. This was done on two pages, with blue pencil and ink, then stuck together in Photoshop, where I also added the blue border.

Reflecting on all the ordinary things we do every day, it’s amazing that anyone has time to make art at all!

(to view this image larger, right click and open in a new window, which will give you a magnifying glass. And there’s always good old “zoom”)


2 responses to “Everyday Art

    • It sure is! But I don’t watch TV; haven’t had one for most of my adult life. I sometimes watch movies on Netflix, usually animations, and I’ve been trying to find time for more (with the excuse that it’s good for my comics, which it is). But generally a good book or comic is my preference, and I’ve always got some kind of reading on the go. So I should have put me reading in there! Time for another page!

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