Yesterday at CCAF

…otherwise known as the Camosun Comic Arts Festival…

I didn’t take any pictures at all! Not that I forgot — there was just no time! From the time I arrived and set up my table, to the very end, I was talking to people: giving portfolio reviews to the students (part of my job as guest mentor), talking to old friends and making new ones among my fellow comics creators, introducing people to my comics, talking to long-time fans, participating in a panel of all-women creators — it was a fabulous day, and not nearly long enough!

I still somehow managed to secure some loot to bring home, though not as much as I would have liked (but fortunately for my wallet), and took some pics of my treasures today:


Comics by both students and pros, and a sweet little stuffie cat by one of the students. What’s for Dinner by the amazing (and very nice) Martin Springett, and Enough Space for Everyone Else, published by Bedside Press. And be sure to check out the Liquid Shell webcomic by my friend Jess Pollard!


The students made me a personalized thank-you card — and they certainly did their research on me — that’s a mer-cat!

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