To Draw or to Blog — That is the Question!

"The Sky's the Limit" — watercolour, 4x6 inches

This blog is like a shiny new toy that just keeps getting better. Today marks one solid, 31-day month of blogging every day for me (I was going to start at New Year, but…). I’ve done some retrospectives, I’ve done some in-progress reports, and I’ve shared some of what I know.

I’ve surprised myself with the sheer amount of words I’ve typed over the last month — heck, I could have written a novel by now if one went by word count! I’ve really enjoyed the feedback and the interaction with other bloggers — I had no idea there was an actual community involved — I had only intended to put together something resembling a website!

I’ve rushed home, tired and hungry and very late from too many evening commitments to post my blog before midnight. I’ve stayed awake mulling over what to post next and how to present it. I admit to opening it up just to look at it first thing in the morning just to make sure it was still there (hm, wonder if I get hits for that?). I got a little obsessed  with the stats for a bit, but I’m over that now. Really.

It’s been an entertaining, exhilarating, and educational month. And now I’m thinking, where do I go from here? I am enjoying this immensely, and I’ve finally gotten around to crafting a much needed web presence. Hey, even my until-now sluggish Twitter account has gotten lively! But the downside is, it takes hours and hours, between the writing, the reading of blogs (now that is addictive!) and the conversing with all of you great folks out there. I don’t want to stop, but somehow I’ve got to get some work done!

Or maybe I should say, I need to get more work done than there is time for in a day. I’ve actually been fantastically productive since I began this blogging journey, but much of the work is long-term projects, so I haven’t been posting them. And besides these  projects, my head is bursting with ideas — My muses are working overtime and there’s only one of me with two hands! It’s a great feeling, and it’s going to change how I’m blogging, at least for the next while.

I’ve known a lot of blogging artists who give themselves a challenge: a drawing a day, or a painting a week, for instance (I know a few of you who are following me are doing this — thanks for the inspiration!). I’ve often toyed with the idea, but didn’t think I was up to producing so regularly. But if I’ve blogged every day for a month, why not do a little drawing every day and post it? Even if it’s snippets from what I’m working on currently, that’s still drawing.

So — starting with tomorrow’s post, I’m going to post something I’ve drawn, painted, or sculpted that day, every day for a month. I’ll still keep up the Technique-of-the-Week on Saturdays, and continue to do the kind of posts I have been doing on Tuesdays. So stay tuned for my big experiment!

"New Horizons" — watercolour, 4x6 inches

11 responses to “To Draw or to Blog — That is the Question!

  1. I only intended to put up three things a week myself, but between writing and sharing images and links, I’ve ended up with at least a post a day and more writing than I’d intended. Scheduling things is nice…but who wants to wait sometimes?
    Look forward to seeing daily work!


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  3. Congratulations! I wrote daily for a year, and now a little less frequently, but almost daily. And it’s a joy to read past posts and see the improvement in our writing, isn’t it? Good for you! 🙂


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