The Muse is not Amused

Uh-oh — now I’ve done it. Forgot to check in with the muse. Meet Iris, whose name means Rainbow. She’s my art muse. I have a bunch of muses, and I’m sure they’ll all get involved here. (To learn what precipitated this reaction, check yesterday’s post) Iris was off mixing colours when I posted my rash vow.

art muse

7 responses to “The Muse is not Amused

    • What, as in he’s going to quit? Well, you’ll just have to put out an ad… or give him a raise! I think the next few drawings on mine are going to involve a labour dispute!


  1. I think you had better start monetizing your blog, Karen. It will be nice to make a few extra bucks a month, right?? I know, selling out to the corporations, but, heck, you are doing amazing work here and why not let it help support you??


    • Thanks for the compliment, Marcia! But I don’t really want advertisements (except my own) on here — I find them really annoying and distracting on other people’s blogs! Also I’m not really sure how to go about that!

      Really this is just to serve as an online portfolio (got to put those pages together for the menu bar), as an extension of my teaching, and to inspire myself to do something regular and disciplined. Now if someone were to pay me to write on *their* blog, I certainly would! And there is always that big coffee table book that Claudia is going to nag me to write…


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