Persuading the Muse

Iris is still not convinced about this drawing-a-day thing. She’s a bit high-strung but she’ll settle down soon, I’m sure.

art muse 2

I, however think it’s a great chance to practice stuff I wouldn’t normally do with the bigger, more carefully planned projects I’m working on. Today I’m trying out some new Prismacolor markers that I bought in 3 shades of grey, as well as a black one. I thought they’d be handy for value studies. I tried one out in yesterday’s post, but didn’t realize at first there were two tips, and was finding the big chisel tip rather hard to control. Fortunately I found the other end of the marker before I was finished! Today, I’m starting to figure out what to do with them, and had a lot of fun with this drawing. I might even have to get some coloured ones…

The other thing I had fun with (and in the drawing I’m holding it in one hand) was working on my polymer clay maquette of Aunt Root, a character in my story “The Mermaid”, of which I have the first chapter pencilled. Aunt Root was last seen going into the oven for her first firing with Spam the Cat, and at that point she was bald. Today I got out the coloured Sculpey and made her hair, a striped bandana, and her tank top, then fired her again. I still have to do some detail painting (eyes, lips, some shading on the skin), and will post some finished pictures and a bit about the process soon.

Aunt Root 1 Aunt root 4

7 responses to “Persuading the Muse

    • Thanks, Ron! I have a hard time doing humour comics, so that is really encouraging to me. I already had a written story going with the muses a while back on my tumblr that kind of got abandoned (I was in school at the time and had too many writing projects), so I think the story has migrated over here and into drawing form. If you want an introduction to *all* my muses (there’s a whole gaggle of them), here’s the first tumblr post that I did about them:


  1. Oh Karen, this is an amazing blog. I nearly choked on my tea reading your illustration comics. I am now going to follow you to get myself more motivated with my challenge and will come back to your blog for some more inspiration. Keep going with this wonderful work. Kat xx


    • Kat, thank you so much, what a lovely compliment — I’m glad you didn’t actually choke, though! I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on your blog as well – we can be mutually inspired!


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