Sheriff Bill in Colour

Just a small post today — a while back I drew a little character study of Sheriff Bill Platypus, suggested by my comic jam buddies when I asked what to draw. Trust Other Minds to come up with something I never would have thought of! At the time I only had done him in pen and ink, but today I coloured him, using watercolour pencils and regular coloured pencils. I used the watercolour pencils to achieve the basic flat colours, then apply shading with the regular coloured pencils. I think I’m going to have to put together a gallery of these studies, I’m starting to get a collection! And then make a comic about them…

sherriff Bill Platypus

8 responses to “Sheriff Bill in Colour

  1. Love the character, too! It is interesting what you say about the use of watercolour pencils and coloured pencils. At the moment I am trying to do the same, using markers for the flat colours and the coloured pencils for the shading. I also like the hat – not one of the stetson, but a very old and worn one – looks good!

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    • Thanks, Ulla! My most-used method for illustration is to lay down watercolour first, coloured pencils after — in this case the watercolour pencils substituted for the watercolour; markers do much the same thing, so we are using the same technique! I’d love to try doing more with markers, but because they are so expensive, I’ve only splurged on a set of greys to use instead of ink wash.

      The hat is a portrait of my own old “disreputable desert rat hat” (the one I”m wearing in my avatar pic) which was found in a garage sale by my neighbours — it’s so comfy, I absolutely live in it in the summertime! The label inside says “Outback” but it’s made in the US. I thought it was appropriate for a wild-west Platypus!

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    • Thanks, Charlotte! Maybe when I come down your way, I’ll get some ideas for a whole cast of Western characters! (I used to love all the Western TV shows when I was a kid — mostly for the horses, I admit!)

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