A Comparison of Markers for Artists

Because I’ve been trying out the Prismacolor markers on my Art Muse series, and just bought a bunch of Pitt brush markers for the comic page I featured yesterday (I love them, I love them!) I’ve become interested in markers as a medium. At first I viewed them as just a way to put some quick tones down when I was in too much of a hurry to do an ink wash, but I’ve been seeing some amazing things that people do with them, particularly on the you-tube videos by various comics artists that I have been consuming like popcorn. So now I’m curious, and when I get curious, look out — money will be spent, time will pass unnoticed, sheets of “experiment” paper will pile up in my collage stash!

But in the interest of not spending too much, and not cluttering up my studio with supplies that didn’t work out, I like to do some research before I buy stuff. While ogling my way around google, I found a pdf comparing every artist marker I’ve ever heard of, and many that I haven’t. It was so good, I had to share it. Enjoy!

And — if you use markers and would like to put your experience into words in the comments below, please do! You can become part of my research efforts, with my gratitude!


6 responses to “A Comparison of Markers for Artists

  1. It’s the combination of markers and coloured pencils I love. I’ve been using markers with alcoholic ink so far mostly (not only copics, but also not so expensive brands), and you can blend coloured pencils very neatly with them. You can also first lay down flat colours with markers, and then shade with coloured pencils.


      • I think that’s a very informative page you linked to. I am especially interested in alternatives to copic markers, and fortunately there are a few. Of course If you are colouring just with markers, the almost indefinite choice of hues is speaking for copics. But I found out that by combining copics with coloured pencils you don’t need all those various blues, violets or whatever.


        • I’m glad you liked it — I was tickled to find it! I haven’t yet tried coloured pencils with markers, though I use them with watercolours; but I’m going to take your recommendation and try it out!


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