Meeting the Sasquatch

The Sasquatch of Spam and the Sasquatch finally makes her appearance! And right away there is trouble…

Spam spies the Sasquatch!

Spam spies the Sasquatch!

The Sasquatch spies Spam...

The Sasquatch spies Spam…

… and Rocky the vampire cat is on the scene!

… and Rocky the vampire cat is on the scene!

Not long ago I posted the ink-only page with the first two of these panels; if you’d like to go look at them and compare, they’re here.

(In case you’re just tuning in: Spam and the Sasquatch is an upcoming graphic novel written by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough with visual storytelling by me! I’m in the middle of an epic paint-a-thon, so my posts until I finish will all be sneak peeks at what I’ve done during the day.)

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