Up a Tree, with an Eagle

In today’s painting, Spam the detective cat finds himself up a tree with an unsatisfied customer!

I’m very, very close to being done with the painting; here’s what my table looks like currently. When I’m done with this book, I am going to give the studio a thorough cleaning! Not to mention the rest of the house…


15 responses to “Up a Tree, with an Eagle

    • This scene is actually the one near the end of the story! But there is a similar scene at the beginning β€” nice bookending on your part as author, Annie!


  1. This page looks great! I have a technical question, what type of paper are you using? And also what size is the paper, what size the illustration and what size will the final output will be? Well, that’s four technical questions…


    • Oh my! Four questions! *laughing* Well, let me see here… the paper is Opus Watermedia paper, available from Opus Art Supplies. We have a store here in town, but I think you can get it mail-order. I wrote an earlier post reviewing papers when I was selecting the paper for this project.

      I buy the paper in 22×30 inch sheets, and for this project I cut them down to 14×17 inches. The actual page size in my layouts is 9×13.5; I was originally intending to scale it down to trade paperback size, which is 6×9, but I decided that will be too small, so it will be 7×9.75, approximately regular comic book size, but a little different proportions. I lay them out a double pages like this because it is easier for me to see how the spread looks, and make sure that all the colours are harmonious across the spread. They are scanned separately, and treated as individual pages for the InDesign layout document.


      • I was in question mode! Lol. Thanks for it. It’ll take me a few minutes to convert those things, err, “inches” into centimetres and see the equivalent in European paper size though! πŸ˜‰


        • Er… sorry! Should have checked where you are. It’s a non-standard size, anyway β€” it seems that there is no standard size for graphic novels, at least on this continent, which to my mind is a good thing. The format (size vs width) can affect the telling of the story, and it’s good not to be locked into a standard.


    • Thanks, Schirin! I actually kind of enjoy the in-between cleanup, because it lets me refresh my mind; kind of a palette-cleanser (‘scuse the pun)!

      Had a look at your blog β€” fun! I pushed the follow button.


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