Mermaid Music

Mermaid Music.

Sami has proof!

Sami has proof!

From the latest page in my new online comic (click the link above) — this one’s moving us into the central mystery of the story. It’s pen and ink and watercolour as are the other pages, but I added some coloured pencil to smooth out the background colours — which looked great on the paper, but when I scanned them, the coloured pencil needed smoothing out, so I did that digitally. Sheesh! I have heard about a technique to correct the effect which involves melding two scans together; I’ll let you all know how it works after I’ve tried that.

I won’t always be sharing each update on this page after it gets going, but you can subscribe to Mermaid Music either by the WordPress “follow” button or by e-mail. It’s a separate blog from this one; I had to set up a new one so I could use Panels,’s comic theme. I post the comic once a week (at this point; I may speed up as I get into the swing of things), and may post Mermaid Music related posts once a week or so on that site.


2 responses to “Mermaid Music

  1. Karen you are the inspirational artist I’ve been looking for.
    Thank you for doing this. Brilliant work.


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