The April Fool’s Easter Bundragon

How often do April Fool’s Day and Easter fall on the same day? I couldn’t resist the urge to do this funny li’l guy, once he’d popped into my head! He’s about 5×7 inches, drawn with coloured pencil.

April Fool Bundragon.jpeg

I’ve not been idle with regards to real bunnies, either — I kind of got on a roll with rabbits the last little while, as a result of discovering gouache. Gouache is a kind of opaque watercolour which I’ve known about for years, and even used a little bit as white highlights in my transparent watercolour paintings, but never tried as a medium on its own. I’ve only tried a few paintings so far with it, but I love it!

I couldn’t wait to share my joy in this new medium, so I wrote about it to my email list — click this link, and you’ll not only get to see a sample of my newsletter, but you’ll also get the step-by-step on how I painted this little guy:

bunny gouache.jpeg

If you’ve been wondering what kind of stuff I send out in those emails I mention at the bottom of every post, the link above is your chance to find out! If you like reading about art process, why not subscribe — it’s free (link at the bottom of this page)!

Here’s another bunny, this time in gouache and coloured pencil, that I’m going to feature here on the blog in the near future, just as soon as I get the photos edited and the writing done:

Easter bunny.jpg

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