Book Covers — Kitties and Yetis and Vampires, Oh My!

I’ve been doing book covers for my friend Elizabeth Ann Scarborough now for something like half a decade, and the count is up to 18, with two in progress. I”m going to make this a quick post today (because yesterday’s was so long!), with a few examples of the covers, then send you over to my Facebook artist page if you’d like to look at more! I’ll post both the artwork by itself followed by the finished cover with the lettering added by the publisher.

IMG_1256 LastRefugefullk

In Last Refuge, the yeti is described as more cat-like than ape-like in his facial features (the fact that he looks somewhat like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast is purely coincidental — I had never seen it!). His sidekick is a half-snow-leopard, half housecat who just happens to be the reincarnation of a tibetan sage. The restless ghosts of the world’s dead circle in the background. This painting was started in watercolour and finished with coloured pencils, as are most of my cover illustrations (and all of them shown here). For the latest series, I’ve been experimenting with computer colouring, and while they look quite different, I’m very pleased with the results.

Spam vs Vamp spamcovsm_2

Spam the Cat Detective meets a very vicious vampire (sorry, can’t resist alliteration!). The author wanted the illustration flipped from my original. Hooray for computers, I didn’t have to do it over again!

cat o' 9 tales 9 Tales O' Cats

This painting is based on my own cat, Mak (who is lobbying for his own blog, but I told him not until he grows thumbs and can buy his own computer). He doesn’t really have that many tails, but perhaps they are the tails of his other nine lives!

If you enjoyed these, head over to my Facebook artist page and take a look at the album I’ve put together of all the covers: Book Covers

I was delighted to get to do these books. I’ve been a fan of her writing for many years, and it turned out she had been a fan of my art, so it worked out nicely! The plan is to eventually re-do all the covers, as well as continue making covers for the new books she’s writing.  if you’re interested in reading any of Elizabeth Ann Scarborough’s wonderful books, check out her page at Gypsy Shadow Publishing Company, with synopses of all the books, and lengthy excerpts if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Here’s the link: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

All the books are available as e-books (just think, you could curl up with one tonight!) and some of them as print books.

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