Wooing the Muse

Sometimes Iris just gives up on trying to keep my nose to the grindstone.

art muse 3


I wanted to try using my brush-pen to do some really delicate details that I would normally use a tiny-tipped pen to do. This paper is as wide as the previous two days’ drawings, and a bit longer, in case you want to compare. I think I will go back to a pen for tiny faces and background details, but I had enough control of the brush that I was happy with most of it. Still trying to get control of the markers, but oh golly gee, I like them!

Tomorrow is Technique of the Week day, stay tuned!

2 responses to “Wooing the Muse

  1. I hope Iris liked her Valentine! πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’Ÿ Markers are my favorite drawing media. Easier to stay within the lines… ha!


    • I hope so too β€” we’ll see what she has me drawing today!

      I like the markers too, but am still working on staying in the lines β€” they’re so fast that I get carried away with my colouring! I’m going to buy some more greys though…


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