Dancing Starfish

One of my favourite subjects is the creatures of the tidepools that abound in this area. This is the only painting of tidepool critters that I’ve done in acrylic, for some reason, though one of these days I would like to do more. I do have a comic in the works that will have lots of undersea scenes, so I’ll get a chance to draw my little buddies then!

Dancing Starfish — acrylic, 8x10 inches Starfish always look like they are posing for dance moves to me, for some reason.

Dancing Starfish — acrylic, 8×10 inches
Starfish always look as if they are posing for dance moves.

6 responses to “Dancing Starfish

  1. Love your starfish! The panhandle of Florida just had a mass of starfish uprooted by storms who washed ashore. It was so sad…your art is like a tribute to them…and yes, even in death they appeared to be practicing dance moves!


    • The sea life down there has sure had a hard time of it lately. These are some of our local West Coast species, but maybe they are dancing for their cousins.


    • Hello Diane, glad you like the art. As I’m sure you are aware, with all the stuff we are pouring into our oceans, and the shifting conditions with the climate, it’s no wonder sea life is having a hard time! For example, the starfish here on the West Coast of North America are suffering from a wasting disease that crops up cyclically, and is being exacerbated by elevated water temperatures. The problems in the Gulf of Mexico that we referred to in an earlier comment are both from the continuing effects of the massive oil spill there, and the increasing strength and frequency of storms. Plastics, both trash-sized and microscopic, are a huge problem for all sea life. I could go on, but that is the gist of why I made that comment.


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