Drawing-a-Day 6 — a portrait

My drawing a day challenge is going along swimmingly, though I’m starting to obsess about it a bit. Tonight I went to life drawing at the studio co-op I belong to, with the intent of posting one of my drawings for my drawing-a-day (I actually complete about seven on a typical evening, not counting the one-minute warm-up gesture poses). I found that I was distracted by thinking about which one would be good enough to be seen! Stage fright!

But I calmed myself and just decided to pick whichever one came out best. Tonight I was concentrating on the model’s face, as I have a lot of trouble with portraiture. I can make a drawing that looks like a very plausible person, but just… not… that person. The one I was most pleased with looks a lot like the model, and in fact her friends might recognize her, but then again they might not. But as a twenty-minute drawing (the longest we do any poses), I’m pretty pleased with it. So here it is:

Woman in Blue — indigo and white Prismacolor pencils on toned paper

Woman in Blue — indigo and white Prismacolor pencils on toned paper

Tomorrow I’ll post a little more about life drawing and what it can do for your drawing!

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